Last masterpiece by Ömer Uluç sold at Antik A.Ş

on Wednesday, 14 January 2015. Posted in January , ---2015---

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‚Ölüdeniz,’ the last masterpiece by leading Turkish painter Ömer Uluç, who died in 2010, was sold for 950,000 Turkish Liras at the 283rd auction of the Antik A.Ş. Auction House held at Antik Palace in November 2014. The opening price for Uluç’s “Ölüdeniz” was 700,000 liras. Depicting the artist’s own life, the piece is one of the biggest (in size) masterpieces in Turkish art, measuring 250 x 880 cm.

Ömer Uluç, Ölüdeniz, 2009

Ömer Uluç, Ölüdeniz, 2009, acrylic on felt, 250x880cm

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